Climate Hack 2023 at Columbia Business School

Univation runs Climate Hack 2023 at Columbia Business School
Climate Hack 2023 at Columbia Business School


In an exciting development for environmental innovation, Univation, led by the visionary Minas Marios Kontis, is organizing the Climate Hack 2023 at Columbia Business School. This prestigious institution, part of Columbia University in New York City, provides an ideal setting for this groundbreaking event.

At Columbia Business School: A Hub of Innovation

Established in 1916, Columbia Business School is one of the oldest and most respected business schools in the world. Its recent move to the state-of-the-art Manhattanville campus reflects its commitment to modernity and excellence in business education.

Climate Hack 2023: Fostering Sustainable Solutions

The Climate Hack 2023 invites a diverse range of participants to develop innovative solutions to climate challenges. This hackathon is an embodiment of Columbia Business School's spirit of innovation and Univation’s commitment to making a real-world impact.

Mentorship from Minas Marios Kontis

Participants will benefit from the guidance of Minas Marios Kontis, whose expertise in technology and entrepreneurship will be invaluable. His role as a mentor is integral to nurturing the next generation of innovators in climate technology.

Innovative Project Concepts

Among the myriad of creative ideas expected at Climate Hack 2023, two stand out for their potential impact:

  1. Urban Green Spaces Optimizer: A digital tool leveraging AI to design efficient urban green spaces. By analyzing urban layouts, climate data, and population density, this tool aims to maximize green cover in cities, enhancing air quality and providing sustainable urban living solutions.
  2. Oceanic Plastic Recycler Drone: An autonomous drone designed to identify and collect plastic waste in the oceans. Equipped with machine learning algorithms, these drones could drastically reduce ocean pollution, helping to preserve marine ecosystems and biodiversity.


This collaboration for Climate Hack 2023 at Columbia Business School is a significant stride towards addressing environmental issues through innovative thinking and collaborative problem-solving.


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