Entrepreneurship Day 2022

How the University of the Aegean planned and run their Startup Program
Entrepreneurship Day 2022 was organized at the University of the Aegean to help students create sustainable startups during a semester. They were able to connect with mentors, track their progress and watch startup courses on our Platform.

The Competition "ENTREPRENEURSHIP DAY" aims to an empirical approach of the business creation.

🎯 Program's Goals: Students are invited to work both individually and in groups, developing innovative business ideas. Their main goal is to work in order to create a sustainable Startup.

Students are asked to conduct real market research and identify the customer’s needs, to study the competition, to highlight the competitive advantages of their idea, to form a complete value chain model, to develop a real prototype, to design their business brand and marketing strategy.

In addition, they have to prepare the economic study that will prove the feasibility of the idea. Finally, they are trained in pitching procedures so that they are ready to present their idea.

⚒️ Skills acquired: Participants developed their skills of analysis and synthesis of data and information, Decision-making, Working independently, Teamwork, Criticism and self-criticism, Promotion of free, creative and inductive thinking.

After the Program: The best and most mature ideas continue and will represent the University in National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competitions.  

🏆 Winners: In these 6 years, we participated three times in the National University Students Competition of Entrepreneurship and Innovation JA Startup and our teams won the following awards Social Impact Award 2019, 3rd Place Award 2021, 2nd Place Award 2022.

How the Univation Platform helped you run the program?

"Univation Platform was an extremely helpful communication channel that supported the internal communication among students, coaches and mentors, as well as the sharing of all the appropriate material and information among all these partners."

Conclusion: "Such a platform is necessary for an effective implementation and a successful coordination of a competition or a similar event."

Main Organizer: Dr. Ioannis Kinias

Assistant Professor in the Department of Business Administration

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