Startup Weekend Events Sponsoring Program

Apply for Sponsoring and get the Univation Platform and big Prizes for your event

About the Sponsoring Program

We offer our Univation Platform for free to Organizers across the globe, to help them upgrade their events, via running them Online, Hybrid.

For In-real-life events, our Platform automates all the organizing-side operations and provides an Agenda/ Go-to-guide for the participants.

Plus, we're sponsoring the Startup Weekends with prizes from Univation Platform $700 to up to $2,000, in Google Ads credits for the winning teams.


✅ Up to $2,000 in Prizes - We're Sponsoring your Startup Weekend event with $2,000 for Winners' Prizes, in Google Ads credits
✅ Google Ads for your Event - Get your Startup Weekend event ranked #1 in Google by using our $200 Google Ads credits to promote it, for free
✅ Univation Platform - Optional - The best platform to run Startup Weekends, Incubators and Online Competitions - learn more here


Promotion of the Univation Brand

🔲 Placement of the Univation Logo in Sponsors Logos Section

🔲 A Blog Post on your Website (if applicable) about the Univation Platform

🔲 A Social Media post (to every of your channels) about the Univation partnership

Making intros to your Partners

🔲 Introducing us via email to your Universities or Student Organizations partners (free Platform use for them)

🔲 Introducing us via email to your Incubators or Accelerators partners (20% off on any Platform plan)

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