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SEO Checklist for ranking your Startup on Google
You’re building your idea, and you want the world to know!
Here are some checkboxes to rank your freshly-baked Site or Blog posts on Google Search and let your customers find you.

Google Search Console

▢ Create an account, and add your site to it

▢  Provide a Sitemap (a list of the pages of your site) - most website builders provide it in settings, and it is published on

▢  Index new pages you create - go to the “Coverage” tab, and past the URL of the page you want to index

Business Profile on Google Maps

▢ Business added on Google Maps (add here) - it greatly boosts Google search results - can use office or home address

In-page SEO

Title & Meta

▢ Target keyword is in the <title> tag

▢  Target keyword is in the <meta> description (short description)

▢ Title Tag <60 characters

▢ Target keyword is in the URL slug


▢ Ensure target keyword is in the first <h1>

▢ Keyword or synonyms in other header tags (<h2>, <h3>, etc.)

▢ Check the ideal length of the post in that category (minimum 300 words)

▢ Target keyword appears in the first paragraph of the post

▢ Your keyword (or synonyms — Google recognizes them now) is used other times throughout the page (your keyword density is between .5% and 2.5%)

▢ Add <alt> tags to all the images in the blog post that contain target keyword

Tinypng all the images


▢ Add links to this article (where relevant) to past articles


▢ Edit using Grammarly

▢ Edit using the Hemingway Editor

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Minas Marios Kontis
May 7, 2022